Treatment & Removal Options For Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cysts

There are many different kinds of ovarian cysts than can occur. Most of these are functional, meaning they don’t pose much of a problem. Hemorrhagic ovarian cysts are one such functional cyst. They are much the same as a regular cyst, with only a few vital differences. However, there are a few small differences in treatment, both in natural cures for ovarian cysts and any other kinds that may have to be observed by the person with the cyst.

What Are Hemorrhagic Cysts?

Hemorrhagic cysts are sacs filled with a kind of liquid, as all cysts are. The difference is that hemorrhagic cysts are continuously bleeding inside the wall. That is when a regular cyst is classified as a hemorrhagic cyst. They are one of the more common kinds of ovarian cyst.

It is likely for a stabbing pain on one side of the abdomen to occur if one has a hemorrhagic cyst. The severity of this pain varies from case to case, and in more serious situations the pain can mean that the sufferer is no longer able to lie, touch or even brush against that side of their abdomen. The more likely occurrence is that the pain will barely bother you at all.

The Treatments Available

This type of cyst will generally go away on its own, though in the rare case that the pain is unbearable, some kind of cyst treatment may be in your best benefit.

There are several surgical processes that can quickly and easily remove the hemorrhagic cyst, though this is considered as quite invasive and uncomfortable, and many people simply wish to avoid the surgery room. Natural treatment is also an option, and there is nothing against natural cures for ovarian cyst. There is no guarantee with this kind of treatment, but a lot of natural cures will generally clear up cysts easily.

In The Case Of Rupturing

If a hemorrhagic cyst ruptures inside your ovaries, it can create a catastrophic effect. This is normally excruciatingly painful, and it causes a swift growth in the ovary wall. This is ideal for blood clots to form, which can be a massive problem. There may also be symptoms of anemia appearing in the body, which is when there is too low a level of red blood cells.

Fortunately, the chances of a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst rupturing are very low, and much of the time the cyst will not prove much of a problem. Generally, they clear themselves out within a few menstrual cycles.

Pain Relievers

While hemorrhagic ovarian cysts are in your system, there are a few simple pills or natural remedies to dull the pain that they cause.

Your doctor may prescribe some kind of pain medication, including narcotics or OTC pain relievers. This suits the lifestyle of many people, with very limited side effects. For those who wish to take a more natural approach, there are simpler ways.

A hot water bottle, hot pack or ice pack applied to the affected area is a great way to release the tension and get the blood flowing through the area again. This will make it feel less painful within around ten minutes, which is good for people who have a little spare time in their lives.

There are many other natural cures and pain relievers for hemorrhagic ovarian cysts, and the key is to find one that suits you. The doctor may recommend treatments and your friends may provide you with feedback, but it all depends on you.

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