Does Ovarian Cyst Come Back After Being Drained?

Draining out an ovarian cyst through a surgical process is not a particularly tasteful process for anyone involved. It is invasive, personal and does not appeal to many people, due to the risks and the process taken both before, during and after the surgery. Once it has been done, most people would hate for it to be done again.

Unfortunately, one of the questions revolving around draining ovarian cysts has to do with draining out ovarian cysts, and whether or not the cyst can reform. It has many people in doubt and is what is stopping people from gettingg this surgery, which could make their lives a whole lot easier, done on them.

The Process Of Draining

When an ovarian cyst is drained, a small incision is made in the abdomen. A camera of sorts is pushed down into the incision, along with a tube. The tube is inserted into the cyst and used to drain out all the liquid inside the walls of the cyst. Then, usually, the remains of the cyst are removed.

This is a simple method of getting rid of an ovarian cyst called laparoscopy, more commonly known as draining.

The incisions are generally so small that there is normally no need for an overnight stay at the hospital, and you can be out and about within a week. This is a surprisingly short recovery time. There are, of course, risks associated with this, but if the doctor is proficient in his trade then any accidents should be easily counter-stepped.

Can Drained Ovarian Cysts Come Back?

This is the big question. Can an ovarian cyst that has been drained of its fluid come back?

The short answer is no, but the long answer is yes. If the walls of the cyst have been removed, then it is technically impossible for an ovarian cyst to come back. However, a new ovarian cyst can easily form and take the place of the old one, meaning that the difficult surgical process was wasted and may even have to be repeated.

The next cyst may even be cancerous and you may have to get your whole ovary removed. This is possibly where you might want to start looking at natural remedies for cysts, instead of heading back to the surgery room for every cyst you get.

If you are getting a consistent and ever-present supply, even after the draining of the ovarian cysts, then you may have a condition where your hormonal balance is constantly off-set and you are not receiving enough estrogen in your body.

This continuously creates cyst after cyst, and you may need to see a doctor about this condition, as it may be a serious problem such as PCOS. This is quite easy to treat but can cause some major problems if it is not identified swiftly.

Thankfully, there are natural remedies that will usually clear up any ovarian cysts. The surgery room is unpleasant for most people, and a heat pad while sitting at home is always nice to enjoy.

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